Bingobox humanless supermarkets are here!

Bingobox humanless supermarkets are here!

Chinese startup Bingobox operates humanless supermarkets, relying on artificial intelligence for almost their entire operation.   Would it be possible for 4 people to run 40 supermarkets?   According to Bingobox, a Chinese startup company that operates...

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Lose that mask and love your true self

How we perceive ourselves often causes us to wear a mask, but once you learn to love yourself you, there you will find success and fulfilment   It’s often said that you’re your own best friend and worst enemy.  There’s many reasons behind that, but one of the big...

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Stop running the 3 legged race on the fast lane!

Are you holding on to a job, trying to invest for retirement, and feel like you're in a losing battle? That's the 3 legged race in the fast lane. Get out now, before it's too late.   Ok, so what's this 3 legged race in the fast lane that I'm ranting on about....

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Strategy: Stick to it, and you can achieve any goal

Having a strategy prevents you from getting distracted, and keeps you on your path to success when you encounter headwinds on the road to your goals   I recently met up for lunch with an old friend.   He wants to leave the corporate world and wonders how I...

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