Expectation and Appreciation… Discontent and Success

Expectation and Appreciation… Discontent and Success

Are expectation and appreciation 2 sides of the same coin, or a part of a continuum of emotions that drives one to succeed? I argue that it is the latter.   Expectation and appreciation… according to Tony Robbins   I recently heard Tony Robbins share...

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Habits: The good, the bad, the ugly…

Good habits and bad habits both have a great impact on whether or not we succeed. Developing good habits can help you succeed effortlessly, and bad habits, can lead bad outcomes a lot sooner than expected.   The good habits   As is my usual habit these days,...

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Overcome Your Biggest Fear-Your dream life in 3 steps

If you can overcome your biggest fear, you can live your dream life. I’ve worked with hundreds of students, and used this to great success.   What is your biggest fear?   For most people, it is not something that’s life threatening that would physically hurt...

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Live In Truth – and live totally free!

To live in truth is requires us to do the right thing at the right time and be fully authentic in all our dealings. To live in truth gives us total freedom.   What does in mean to 'live in truth'?   It's probably easier to explain this way.   Let me...

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